Sex Coaching Sessions/Packages

Sessions done via Skype/Whatsapp/Phone call OR in person*!

Picture by photographer  Jaydon Wheeler .

Picture by photographer Jaydon Wheeler.

Empowerment Coaching Package

  • Do you feel like you’re struggling to keep up with society’s standards of what “sexy”/“attractive” is?

  • Is it hard to feel empowered in your skin, either inside or outside your sex life?

Model photographer, Jaydon, and I have teamed up to bring you this FULFILLING deal of finding yourself as the confident and “sexy”-feeling person that you should be! Personally designed coaching courses to strengthen your version of your attractive self, I work with both your values and personal goals on exploring what you see when you think of attractive or “sexy”!

Package includes:

  • A FREE 15 minute discovery call with sex and empowerment coach, Jaylene!

  • THREE 50 minute one-on-one coaching sessions with me, Jaylene, a certified sex and empowerment coach, done via Skype, Call, WhatsApp, or in person*!

  • A 1 hour STUDIO photo shoot with photographer Jaydon Wheeler in person*!

  • A FREE 11x14 print!

$340 only for the entire Empowerment Coaching package

One-on-one Coaching Sessions

  • Are you feeling unfulfilled when it comes to sex, or even find it hard celebrating your sexuality?

  • Do you need guidance on how to grow empowered in your sex life?

  • Are you wanting to explore more of an alternative sexual lifestyle (BDSM, polyamory, etc.), yet don’t know how?

One-on-one sessions with certified coach and counselor Jaylene can help you begin your path of personal growth through different therapies that she practices, her authentic empathy, as well as her knowledge of human sexuality! Working with Jaylene is the perfect fit for you if you are looking to overcome barriers of experiencing your true, shining sexual self!

Barriers can include…

- Low esteem towards sexual self
- Feeling unfulfilled with sex life
- Feeling incapable in exploring sexual kinks/fantasies/fetishes
- Orgasm inability
- Not being able to experience multiple orgasms
- Loss of libido
- Distraction and/or dissociation during sexual activity
- Non-medical erectile dysfunction
- Inconsistent erections
- Maintaining an erection for longer
- Ejaculation control

$100 per 50 minute session

Partner(s) Sexual Relationship Coaching Sessions

  • Have you felt a disconnect from your partner(s) in bed lately?

  • Have you felt lost about how to bring forward the intimacy that you desire or once had with them?

  • Are you keen on exploring an aspect of “alternative” sex (BDSM, polyamory) with your partner(s), yet don’t know how to introduce it to them or into the sex life you share?

These private sessions with Jaylene, a certified sex coach and counselor, will help create a space for you and your partner(s) to come forward authentically and openly. With her knowledge on human sexuality and collateral coaching, Jaylene will help you evolve from any sexual barriers that may be holding you and your partner(s) back from a fulfilling, exciting, sexual connection!

Barriers can include…

- Inability to have orgasm with partner(s)
- Mismatched libido
- Low arousal with partner(s)
- Wanting to explore kinks/fantasies/fetishes with partner(s)
- Dom/sub relationship issues…
-(This includes any sexual relationship that focuses on power play)
- Casual sex relationship issues
- Inability to get erect with partner
- Feeling disconnected with partner during times of intimacy
- Lack of communication/miscommunication with intimacy
- Anxiety/stress about sex life with partner(s)

With One Partner

Two sessions are highly suggested, with the first session partner’s being seen individually (half of a 110 session for each) and then working in a collaborative setting in the second session.

With Multiple Partners

For poly relationships, sessions can be arranged with max. three people at a time, with an additional cost of $30 for the extra person.
Two sessions are highly suggested, with the first being partners seen individually and then working in a collaborative setting in the second session.

With one partner:

One session: $220 per 110 minute session for two

Two session package: $425 for two 110 minute sessions

With multiple partners (3 people):

Two session package: $500 for two 110 minute sessions

Sexual Abuse Trauma Counseling

  • Have you had an experience with sexual trauma and feel disconnected with your sexuality?

  • Are you wanting to learn how to heal from the event and become empowered?

  • Are you wanting to gain back the celebration and ownership of your own body?

These private, one-on-one counseling sessions with certified counselor Jaylene will help you safely dive into a place of healing and acceptance for yourself. With experience in trauma release sessions, and other modalities of treating those with trauma, Jaylene’s knowledge and authentic empathy will help you build yourself up past the barriers you face with your sexuality.


-No sexual pleasure after trauma
-Pleasure Anxiety
-Dissociation from the body during sexual activity
-Inability to feel genital sensations

One session: $100 per 50 minute session

* In person appointments only located in downtown Vancouver, B.C.