Jaylene is a poly and kink friendly sex coach and trauma counsellor who graduated from Rhodes Wellness College with both a diploma in Life Coaching and a diploma in Wellness Counselling.


Growing up in the Lower Mainland of B.C. as a cisgender female, Jaylene personally experiences many pressures and expectations of society that contribute to the oppression of sexuality. Through her own experience and the witnessing of others’ stories, traumas, and sexual barriers, Jaylene has dedicated herself to the purpose of opening up the world of sexuality to others and to helping them explore this key aspect of life and identity with confidence.

Jaylene channels this passion of hers through the creation of an empathetic, holistic, and safe space for others to build awarenesses, tools, and empowerment, which will help them flourish and embrace their sexuality and/or sexual relationships with their partner(s).

Using the four main components of sexuality*, Jaylene practices a client-centered approach, which gives the client the opportunity to collaboratively create their own path of growth. The different therapies in which she is knowledgeable are CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), DBT (dialectical behaviour therapy), and Narrative and Somatic therapy, which she uses both singularly and in combination to suit her clients’ needs best.

*Sensuality, intimacy and relationships, gender/sexual identity, sexual health

(Source: Options for Sexual Health)

On her own studies, Jaylene has has become fluent in:

  • Psychological and physiological aspects of sex and sexuality
  • Sexual oppression
  • Alternative sex/BDSM
  • Feminism
  • Sexual and/or romantic relationships
  • Sexual safety
  • History of women’s sexuality