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For those that want to grow in their personal sexuality and/or looking to overcome barriers in their sex life. Sessions can be one-on-one or with sexual partners!

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A FREE personal 15 minute meeting over phone or via skype not only can be easily arranged, but is also encouraged!

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Femmeforth is a sexuality empowerment workshop for femmes to become strong and connected with their sexual selves and femmehood!

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"This enjoying, educational video blog of @femmeforth opens a welcoming platform about sex topics, BDSM, and gender , from Sex Coach Jaylene!


How do you learn how to own your sexuality as a Femme?

How do you become strong and connected to your sexual self?

How do you celebrate FEMMEHOOD with your friends in the comfort of YOUR home?

Now introducing FEMME NIGHTS Workshops!

This is a beautifully structured workshop about western society’s perception of sex and how it affects our bodies and minds! I feel so inspired to continue conversations about these topics. Wonderful. 10/10.

- hannah jeffrey

Sex Coaching Services

For those that want to expand their awareness and confidence in their sexuality with Certified Sex Coach Jaylene. Either one-on-one or with your sexual relationship partner(s), these safe, open-minded settings that Jaylene creates helps you grow with wellness in mind.

Are you having feelings of doubt in your sex life?

Perhaps you even doubt your BODY?

Find strength in your sexuality through my EMPOWERMENT COACHING PACKAGE!

Begin your Journey of healing your sexual self-doubts, and find strength to radiate as the sexual deity that you strive to be, with …

THREE One-on-One coaching sessions

1 HOUR of a therapeutic studio photo shoot, where you can capture the essence of confidence you achieved, with photographer Jaydon Wheeler!