Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations

Did you know, that the vibrator was the fifth household item to be approved as an electronic device?

It is funny to think that, especially when I see most people doing a quick, embarrased glance about before entering a sex shop FULL of electronic devices, because really, that is what they are.

So, what is the difference between now and then?

Well, back the ol’ day, vibrators were actually seen as a object that is determined as useful, because it was seen more as medical device to help treat women’s hysteria (more info on that for another post). To treat the female-identified (F.I.’s) of this “condition”, doctors had to previously hand massage their F.I. clients erotically. Because, you can imagine, the popularity of these medical appointments, Joseph Mortimer Granville, a doctor himself, thought there must be an invention that does the work for them…

Here is where the vivacious vibrator enters the world, in 1880!

The first vibrators were built similar to some of the more popular vibrators we see nowadays!

The first vibrators were built similar to some of the more popular vibrators we see nowadays!

Being now 138 years old, people now have changed their idea of what a vibrator is. No longer is it a medical device, but now a device simply for PLEASURE.

(Though, I can concur with that, seeing how my stressed body changes quite dramatically after having some “good vibrations" with my toy!)

With the change of perception, came the change of heart from society towards these wonderful products… that not only help people with vaginas have better orgasms and sexual pleasure, but EVERYONE! Anal pleasure is a thing, after all.

Why do we see an object for pleasure, which has been in households for so long, as something that is taboo? Well, predominantly, these vibrators were mostly created for people with vaginas. Soon enough, because the female sex anatomy is something that is STILL quite hidden from our education of human bodies, the vibrators have given these people “power” over their own anatomy and pleasure!

So why is that a bad thing?

Typically in the past, F.I.’s were seen as people that should carry shame over their own desire for sex and orgasm. Then, with these objects of pleasure, they started coming out with the idea that “Hey, we can have just as much pleasure in sex as M.I.’s!” It was a huge no no, seeing as it went against the historic patriarchal ideals that M.I.’s were seen as the ones in control, inside and outside of the bedroom. Sorry society, but now that people with vaginas have found their clitorises, they are not going to let that KEY SPOT go! After all, only a 1/4 of people with vaginas can orgasm through penetration alone!

Remember: Your own orgasm is just as important as your partner(s).

Note to those that may feel like a vibrator is “stealing your thunder” with your partner(s), just remember that we all have different ways to reach orgasm, and doesn’t the saying go…

“The more [pleasure], the merrier [the person]?!

Little last note: Cleanliness is a thing.

Silicone, which is what most vibrators are made of nowadays, though not all, is easy to clean with soap and water- make sure you try to do this after each use! If sharing your vibrators with others, make sure to lock that thing with a barrier (i.e. condom), ya’ll can never be too safe!

Now, go listen to some Beach Boys and cuddle up with your fun toy.

Jaylene Acheson

Creator of Femme Forth

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