The First Time

The First Time

My First Time…

It is something that we all remember. Or maybe, if it sucked, blocked it from our memory in hopes that the next time, it will be mind-blowing (with fireworks and music to match).

Where did it happen?

How did you feel before?

How did you feel after?

All that will be what I remember as I write my FIRST EVER FEMME FORTH BLOG POST!

My blogging “virginity” has been taken by me, myself, and I. Though, just like sex, I am not less valuable of a person because I did this deed. In fact, after posting this, I shall feel even MORE knowledgeable about this ever evolving subject!

Feeling so steamy typing these keys of my First Time blog!

Feeling so steamy typing these keys of my First Time blog!

Wait… are we talking about sex, or are we talking about blogging?!

We are talking about BOTH people! Especially with this blog, you shall be entering this reading date for that one-night hook-up/look-up, but I know a thing, actually MANY things, to get you all to stay for more than your planned one night read.

I am a sex + intimacy coach after all!

This blog is going to open up a lot of doors for, not only you, but I as well, as I careen through this closed-door topic of sexuality! I will be touching base on a lot, but mostly focusing on providing a place for discussion and awareness for YOUR PERSONAL sexuality!

Through talking about sexual education, societal influences, history, and all the different barriers we may face when it comes to sex, we can help ourselves GROW INTO SEXUAL EMPOWERMENT! Wouldn’t that be deliciously exciting? If we could all have acceptance of our own sexuality, we can grow into acceptance of others as well… THINK OF ALL THAT LOVE!

Feel the power. Be a part of the power. Read this blog.

Now, go have a fun Hump Day!


Jaylene Acheson

Sex + Intimacy Coach

Creator of Femme Forth

P.S. What questions would you have right off the top of your head about sex and sexuality? I want to provide you awesome answers!

The Two Major S's

The Two Major S's